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Analog Cases UNISON Case for Sequential Prophet-6 / OB-6 Desktop Synthesizers


Manufacturer's Description

The UNISON case for the Sequential Prophet-6 Desktop Synthesizer is a custom-designed solution for protecting your studio instrument. The UNISON Cases are lightweight and durable with a comfortable rubber padded handle for easy transportation. Your Prophet-6 Desktop module will be protected in this hard case, giving you the freedom to take the music with you anywhere!

On the inside, the UNISON case is custom molded to the exact design of the Sequential Prophet-6 Desktop module. This exact fit keeps the synth safe and prevents it from moving or getting knocked around during transport. We’ve also included an extra cut-out which will give you room for any cables you might need to take with you. The lid is filled with an egg carton style foam that closes to protect the interface, keeping the surface out of harm’s way.

The case’s hard exterior features black-on-black aluminum siding, secure locking latches, and a spacious handle that makes carrying the Prophet-6 Desktop module a breeze. This lightweight case is custom-built for the Sequential synthesizer. With protection and portability in mind, you’ll find that this hard case will protect the instrument’s steel exterior and wood paneling as you become more portable.


  • Custom die-cut foam to meet the dimensions for the Sequential Prophet-6 Desktop
  • Durable and lightweight exterior
  • Metal latches; can optionally be locked for added security (2 keys included)
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle
  • Exterior Dimensions: 23.62 x 12.99 x 6.06 Inches
  • Interior Dimensions: 20.51 x 7.83 x 4.96 Inches