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Akai Professional LPD8 Mk2 USB MIDI Laptop Pad Controller w/ 8 Pads, 8 Knobs


Manufacturer's Description

Premium Pad Performance

Great things come in small packages and the the LPD8 delivers in a big way. The sleek MIDI pad controller features 8 velocity-sensitive RGB pads from the flagship MPC X and is up to any pad performance-based duties for the modern beat-making music producer. Produce beats, trigger one-shot samples and loops, or connect to any general MIDI-based DAW for easy hands-on controlling and creation.

Legendary Pad Performance

LPD8 features the same pads from the top-of-the-line MPC X standalone hardware. The sturdy yet super responsive pads are the standard for any music maker looking for dynamic performance without compromising creativity.

Assignable Knob Controls

LPD8 features 8 assignable rotary knobs for precise control of parameters and values in your DAW. Adjust reverb or delay wetness, dial in parametric eq, trim loops and samples, and so much more with the accuracy you need for your music creation workflow.

Sleek Compact Design

LPD8 fits in wherever you need it. Sit it on your desk, neatly against your laptop computer for a streamlined process, or pack it into your producer bag with your headphones and accessories ensuring you’re always ready to create anywhere.

MPC Plugin Instruments

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Insert Effects

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  • Controls
    • (8) velocity-sensitive, RGB-lit pads
    • (8) 270° knobs
    • (4) UI buttons
  • Programs
    • 4 stored programs, configurable via free downloadable editor software
  • Connections
    • (1) USB port
  • Power
    • Via USB
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height)
    • 12.1” x 3.2” x 1.3”
    • 306 x 81 x 34 mm
  • Weight
    • 0.86 lbs.
    • 0.39 kg