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4 Sets of Cleartone 6445 Coated Bass Strings, Medium (45-105)


Manufacturer's Description

Get 4 packs of Cleartone strings for the price of 3!

Cleartone Nickel-Plated Steel (NPS) Electric Guitar Strings offer great tone, louder volume and 3 to 5 times the sting life of untreated sets.

Revolutionizing the coated guitar and bass string world, ClearTone strings are made for players that need long-lasting superior tone without the feel of a coated string.

Sure, there are plenty of manufacturers out there making coated strings. Some of the leading industry brands are constantly coming out with newer and thinner coatings and exaggerated claims of "this string lasts 37.243 times longer than anything else on the planet!" So, of course, we approach any string company that makes such claims with a deserved level of skepticism. But when it comes down to it, sometimes we are just genuinely floored and impressed by a product. And it doesn't always have to be a $7,000 guitar or bass to make you get really giddy about a piece of gear. Strings are a piece of gear too and can be a huge contributor to that "quest for tone."

Never have we experienced the combination of tone, feel, and longevity like with these ClearTone strings. They have a brightness and liveliness to them that is seemingly unattainable by any other coated string brand and that brightness actually does last for a significant amount longer than with any uncoated or coated string. Made right up the road from our store, in southern California, these strings will improve your tone while reducing your number of string changes and ultimately saving your wallet a few extra bucks too! Our knowledgable staff here all have first-hand experience with these strings and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You've got to give them a try.