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Tycoon STKS-29CO Chiseled Orange Cajon


Manufacturer's Description

Tycoon Percussion's 29 Series Hardwood Cajon with a hand-crafted chiseled orange finish is constructed of premium quality Hardwood. The beautiful hand-carved exterior is made more potent due to a Beech front plate. Produces deep bass tones and sharp high slaps, with fully adjustable snares. Each cajon is individually handmade and tested to ensure superior sound quality. Tycoon Percussion uses only plantation farmed Siam Oak wood in the production of their instruments, allowing for the highest quality product to be manufactured and distributed, as well as preserving old-growth forests in our world's ever changing environment.

The Chiseled Orange Cajon features a Siam Oak Body and Beech frontplate for beautiful, earthy tones to brighten things up, as well as adjustable snare wires to add just the right amount of buzz for sharp snare slaps and loud bass tones. The cajon includes a snare adjusting Allen wrench.


  • Hand-crafted orange chiseled exterior finish
  • Constructed of hand selected Hardwood
  • Beautiful and excellent sounding beech wood front pane
  • Fully adjustable snares tunable by Allen Wrench (included)
  • Individually hand made and tested to ensure superior sound quality