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About Us

Here at Music Store Live, our entire team works hard to make sure you get the full Music Store Live experience every time you shop with us. It's our hope that if you contact us by phone, email, chat, tweet, instant message, or carrier pigeon that you are treated with respect and given an outstanding service experience. We're a small team but everyone does their part to make sure our inventory is accurate, our information is precise, and we have fun while we work. Meet the members of the team below, and then check out some of the gear that we're loving. Maybe you'll find a kindred spirit or an awesome new instrument to scoop up.

Brian Harris     


See the Gear Brian Loves

Brian is a veteran employee of Music Store Live, making the transition from our original location in Vermont to our new home in San Diego, California. He's a bassist by trade, but enjoys a passion for well-built and sexy-looking guitars. Axes with adventurous colors (especially purple) will always have a higher chance of ending up in his collection. Brian writes most of the listing descriptions for most of our high-end stuff, so he's got hands on experience with a lot of the gear we have for sale.

Chris Barclift    


See the Gear Chris Loves

Kick in, Kick out, Snare top, Snare bottom, Hat, Rack 1, Rack 2, Floor 1, Floor 2, Overhead L, Overhead R, Bass DI, Bass Mic Low, Bass Mic High, Keys 1 L, Keys 1 R, Keys 2 L, Keys 2 R, Guitar 1 Low, Guitar 1 High, Guitar 1 DI, Guitar 2 Low, Guitar 2 High, Guitar 2 DI, Acoustic DI, Vox SR, Vox C, Vox SL, Drum Vox.

Ben Anderson     


See the Gear Ben Loves

Ben is the lead salesman for the Music Store Live team; if you've bought something from us via phone or email, there's a good chance Ben's excellent customer service has helped put gear in your hands. He is a bass player and loves a lot of bass gear, but is a fan of any piece of gear made by passionate people that aren't afraid to show their excitement.

Charlie Plaine     


Charlie is one of the information technology specialists working for Music Store Live. In a word where new technologies come out for computers as fast as they do in the pro audio world, it's a constant fight to keep things looking good and working well. Charlie is hard at work behind the scenes not only fixing issues on the current website, but planning for the future as well. He's a trombone player by trade, but knows his way around a keyboard or a drum kit.

Brianna Calhoun     


See the Gear Brianna Loves

If you've ever seen a high-end guitar, amp, or drum photo on our site and wondered who was behind it, then wonder no more: it's Brianna. She's our in-house photographer here in San Diego, and she personally handles and photographs all of our top of the line gear. She works hard to make sure the images you see on the site are faithfully representing what you'll see when you unbox your purchase.

Sean Hutchinson    


Sean a.k.a. "Hutch" is the resident guitar tech for Music Store Live. Working out of a shop in our warehouse in San Diego, Sean makes sure every instrument bought from Music Store Live is lovingly set up before it's packed up and sent on its way. He has years of experience as a tech and does high-quality, thorough work on every instrument that hits his bench. He's a musician and guitar player himself, ensuring he brings the musician touch to his work.

Jay Huzil     


Jay is a hard-working man of many talents. He's a trained and talented guitar tech of his own right, helping Sean out with instrument setups on our busiest days. When he isn't working on instruments on his bench, he works in the warehouse making sure your purchases are packed correctly and properly. His attention to detail (and his courtesy - he's Canadian) make him a valued member of the team.