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Phil Jones X4C Nanobass 35-Watt 1x4" Bass & Multi-Instrument Combo Amp, White


Phil Jones X4C Nanobass 35-Watt 1x4" Bass & Multi-Instrument Combo Amp, White


Manufacturer's Description

X4C Nanobass Multi-Instrument Combo Amp

Lightest Portable Tone-To-Go, A Mini Marvel

Nanotechnology breaks the sound barrier with the X4C Nanobass Multi Instrument Combo Amplifier, which is the most compact and portable combo amplifier ever designed by Phil Jones Bass for desktop and practice applications. It is a highly efficient mini engineering marvel that redefines transportability and “Tone To Go”.  It is a 35 Watt amplifier with a 4” speaker and 3 Band EQ that not only rocks with bass; it will also provide dazzling tone for other instruments including guitar, ukulele, violin, and electronic drums.

The practical and versatile design includes an auxiliary input compatible with iPads, iPods and drum machines, and is Bluetooth equipped for music listening enjoyment and other applications.  PJB’s proprietary NeoPower 4-inch speaker delivers full frequency range that achieves ultimate tonal clarity and transparency for instruments as well as high-fidelity sound to any source fed into the auxiliary and Bluetooth inputs.

The USB C to Powerbank option on the X4C provides you with the freedom to play anywhere, making it a perfect choice for jamming or busking when AC isn’t available (power bank not included and must comply with the specifications provided).

The USB Type-C port is for Power Delivery from a 20-Volt Laptop power bank. The higher the capacity in mAH, the longer the amplifier will be able to work. 20,000MAH will be a good start.

We suggest a unit that has the capacity to supply at least 65 watts, (preferably 100 watts for best sound quality) Time duration of operation will depend on how loud the amplifier is playing.

The X4 weighs just over 5 lbs and is small enough to fit in a backpack. It is available in Black, Red, and White colors. As with all products in the PJB family it is constructed from the highest quality materials and built to provide years of enjoyment and “Tone To Go” anywhere in the world with its built in worldwide AC voltage input.


  • Model: X-4C
  • Amplifier: Digital with DSP
  • Power Output: 35 Watts
  • Speaker: 1 x N52 Neo-Power 4inch speaker driver
  • Frequency Response: 72Hz – 15KHz
  • EQ: 3 Band EQ, Bass shelf 100Hz, +/-15dB; Mid 1KHz Bandwidth 120Hz-10Kz, +/-15dB; Treble shelf 10KHz, +/-15dB
  • Input: AUX-Input Jack, Bluetooth5.0 (aptX HD)
  • Output: Headphone-Out
  • Input Levels
    • Instrument:240 mV – 2 V;
    • AUX:300mV(MAX); Bluetooth:500mFFS
  • Power: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz,6 ft Angle Plug AC Power Cord – Includes Type-C port connection that supports mobile power banks with USB PD power delivery protocol
  • Dimension(W x D x H): 6.3 x 7.9 x 7.8 inch
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs
  • Color: White