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Nady SSPF-4 Microphone Pop Filter with Spider Shock Mount

  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" W x 7-7/10" H x 4-4/10"

  • Weight: 8.3 oz

Manufacturer's Description

The Nady SSPF-4 microphone pop filter has an integrated spider shock mount with 8 elastic suspension points to prevent vibration and significantly reduces the noise transmitted from the mic stand. The Nady SSPF-4 mic filter also features a pinch clamp holder than fits any microphone with a diameter of 38–53mm.


  • 8 elastic suspension points isolate the mic from vibration

  • Curved metal pop filter protects your mic from the wildest vocal takes

  • Pinch clamp holder fits any microphone with diameter 38-53mm

  • Pop filter can be rotated down or removed completely

  • Adjustable swivel attachment fits standard mic stands