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Lava Music ME 3 38" Touchscreen Acoustic Electric SmartGuitar w/ Gig Bag, Soft Gold


Manufacturer's Description

Intuitive. Creative. Powerful.

This smartguitar is designed to be the best companion of your musical adventure.

With a multi-touch display, the HILAVA OS and incredible apps, LAVA ME 3 will reinvent the way you make music.

Tap into the Future

A 3.5-inch touchscreen is seamlessly integrated into the guitar and puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

Operating System

The HILAVA OS offers a lightweight interactive experience without mobile connection. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and auto-syncs your projects to the lavaCloud.

Bye, Extra Hassle

Tuner, metronome, recorder. Essential tools all in one place. No more ambient noise, capture the crystal-clear sound of your playing.

Effects App Sounds Beyond Imagination

Dozens of advanced algorithms combined with FreeBoost 2.0 technology create a world of immersive sound effects without amplifiers or pedals.

Good-looking Effects

Dynamically animated cover art brings music to life.

Discover the story behind each sound effect. Choose one and listen.

Easy to Play and Customize

Utilizing effects has never been easier. Just like filters, you can customize the specific parameters to shape your own sounds.

Industry-leading Audio Technology

Powered by our most advanced audio algorithms and the FreeBoost 2.0 technology, each effect is built to be exceptionally rich and unique.

Practice App Your All-star Guitar Trainer

With sound detection technology, the Practice App senses the accuracy and stability of your playing and provides relevant guidance for improvement.

5 Modes

  • Build every skill.
  • Chord Transition
  • Strumming
  • Scale Training
  • Ear Training
  • Single Note

Real-time Feedback

Real-time feedback is a positive incentive to your practice, inspiring you to take on exciting challenges and make excellent progress.

Review Your Results

Get a comprehensive picture of each practice. An instant report helps you find out tones you played wrong or slow at a quick glance.

Loops App
You Yourself Are a Band

No laptop. No phone. No cable. Pick a groove, record and share music straightaway. With the Loops, you can play every role in a band.

Multi-track Music on a Single Guitar

Overdub your own tracks and add favorite effects to give your song an extra kick. Jazz up your music just the way you love.

A Leap in Structural Acoustics

New Honeycomb structure, AirSonic 2 carbon fiber and 4-MASS technology take the acoustic quality of LAVA ME 3 to a new level.

Wireless Charging

  • 2+ Weeks Standby 9 Hours Playing*
  • 8000mAh Capacity
  • Contact Points Custom-made for Space Charging Dock

*Minor deviations may occur.

LAVA+ App Explore, Share, Connect

Explore the best content in the global LAVA community. Get inspired, share ideas, sync your projects and network with music creators.

Practice Summary

Get comprehensive reports of your daily practice. Find out your strengths and weaknesses, and keep improving.

Favorite Grooves

Save any beat you discover in the LAVA+ community, and sync it to your guitar.

Effect Templates

Your favorite effects stay close to you, both on the guitar and on the phone.


Replay, edit and share your works anytime.

lavaCloud Auto-sync

Projects you created on the guitar are automatically synced to LAVA+, so that you can view them anytime from your phone. You can also sync photos and music from your phone to LAVA ME 3.


  • Multi-touch display integrated with HILAVA OS
  • Tuner, Metronome, Recorder accessible with a tap
  • Built-in effects and loops easy to play and customize
  • 5 practice modes with instant feedback and report
  • Enhanced acoustic sound with new Honeycomb Structure, AirSonic 2.0 and 4-MASS technology

Overall Condition

Music Store Live is proud to be an authorized dealer for Lava Music. This ME 3 38" is 100% brand new and is being sold with a full manufacturer's warranty.

note: The photos above may not be of the exact guitar you'll receive. The serial number may differ but specs will all be the same. Please feel free to get in touch with us for an in-hand description.

Our in-house guitar tech will inspect, test, set up, and clean all of our instruments on site prior to shipping. All of our instruments are guaranteed to be fully functional upon arrival.