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KNA Pickups VV-3 Low-Profile Portable Bridge-Mounted Piezo Violin / Viola Pickup


Manufacturer's Description

VV-3 violin pickup offers clean and clear acoustic sound with easy installation without modification to the instrument.

The lightweight low-profile ebony jack housing makes the unit ideal for a performing musician.


Safe install

Just mount the pickup jack housing onto the lower bout, just below the waist on the 4th (G) string side of your instrument and adjust the height of the barrel clamps to tighten the pickup to the instrument.

Wooden housing and sensor

The jack housing is encased in elegant and stylish ebony and the piezo sensor has a lightweight wooden casing to achieve maximum tonal sensitivity and transmission.

Natural sound

VV-3V has a passive design that reproduces the natural sound of the instrument with no need for a battery.

Protection for your instruments finish

The adjustable clamps have protective cork at each point of contact to prevent damage to your instrument’s finish.

Great compatibility with many sizes of violin and viola

The pickup comes with universal size barrels to attach the jack housing equally well to both violin and viola bodies with just a few turns.


  • Weight: 36gr / 1.27
  • Wood: Solid ebony
  • Maximum Impedance: 1500 Ω