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JHS Pedals EHX OpAmp Big Muff "Pumpkin Patch" Mod Guitar Effects Pedal - B-STOCK


Manufacturer's Description

Take a trip to the pumpkin patch with our EHX OpAmp Big Muff "Pumpkin Patch" mod!  This mod gets you ready to "carve" deep into that tone you love from the newly reissued OpAmp Big Muff.  Enter the pumpkin patch through the "Gate" toggle, which gives you two different gate strength options for more compressed tones and "vine'y" bite.


  • Gate Toggle Down is stock OpAmp Big Muff distortion
  • Gate Toggle Middle is the highest gate setting
  • GateToggle Up is the lower gate setting

Find the very middle of the pumpkin patch with our Mids Knob. You will notice more low mids on the pedal overall while we also give you the ability to "pick" the perfect frequencies to boost them even more