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Plush by Fuchs Amps Straight 8 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


Manufacturer's Description

After a few years of beta testing on Andy’s personal pedal board and with design feedback from various players and Fuchs artists, we proudly introduce the first new Plush overdrive pedal in close to five years!

The Plush Straight-8 overdrive combines simple gain/tone/volume operation with a unique 8 position mode switch. This mode switch alters the overall gain, waveform shape, and compression. It tailors the overall voice of the overdrive from bright and crunchy “on the edge” tones, through darker more compressed overdriven fuzz-pedal style tones. It features low noise circuitry and simple operation, as well as retro automotive graphics.

The pedal features a Mil spec precision low-noise amp, premium passive parts selected for tone and low noise, 9 or 18-volt operation, battery or external power, a 5-year warranty, powder coated cast aluminum enclosure, made in the USA by Plush FX pedals.