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Fuchs Ultralight 212 Guitar Amp Speaker Cabinet, Cream

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Manufacturer's Description

The Fuchs Ultralight 212 Cabinet

For over 10 years we were the only company licensed to make this accurate replication of the original speaker cabinets Buzz made back in the 80’s, used by Larry Carlton, Dean Parks and other notable guitarists. Known for their light weight and sounding “bigger” then its diminutive size would allow, Guitar Player magazine said The Feiten cabinet was “a 112 cabinet that thinks it’s a 212 cabinet. The 212 cabinet features one driver front mounted to the baffle and one to the rear, which sum a few meters from the cabinet and give a huge, full sonic presentation. The grille is held in with Velcro and may be removed easily without dismantling the cabinet. The Feiten 212 cabinet is 22x11x24 inches and the 212 weighs a mere 42 lbs! Padded Fuchs covers are available for this and all Fuchs products. This product is now renamed the Fuchs Ultralight 212 cabinet.