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FiiO RC-SE1B Replacement Cable for Balanced Shure Headphones/Earphones


Manufacturer's Description

The new RC-SE1B swaps the 3.5mm jack out for a 2.5mm 4-pole plug. With its separate left/right channel wires and separate +/- signal transfer, the RC-SE1B enables balanced operation for your earphones. When connected to a balanced headphone amplifier, RC-SE1B can greatly enhance channel separation as well as markedly increase the signal to noise ratio. This results in a wider sound stage and more controlled, textured bass - perfect for balanced output enthusiasts. A little extra transparency makes for a lot more individuality From the plug joint, to the Y splitter, to the earphone-side connector, the new RC-SE1B is wrapped with transparent polycarbonate to separate itself from the unicolor cable. Not only does this striking visual element give your earphones some character, it naturally also invites you to take a closer look with its revealing view of the insides. Stunning looks backed by impressive internals The RC-SE1B adopts Teflon FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) for the sheath and silver-plated copper as the conductor. 11 strands of silver-plated copper wires (each with a diameter > 0.08) make up each of the 8 separate cables, which are all woven into one audio cable with separate wires for the left/right channels. Both the straight 2.5mm plug and the coaxial type MMCX connector (with a 2.4mm diameter) are made of gold-plated copper. 


  • For use with balanced output amps.
  • 1.2 m cable, 2.5 mm 4-pole plug, based on the FiiO RC-SE1
  • Can be used with FiiO X7 AM3 amp module.
  • Compatible with Shure SE215 / SE315 / SE425 / SE535 / SE846, as well as other brands.