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British Drum Company 14 X 6.5" Lounge Series Snare - Windemere Pearl

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  • Shell: Mahogany and Birch, 5.5mm
  • Bearing Edges: Hand Cut, Round Over
  • Snare Beds: Hand Cut, 1.8mm Deep
  • Batter Hoop: Triple Flange, 2.3mm
  • Snare Hoop: Triple Flange, 2.3mm
  • Lugs: 8 Diamond Chrome-Plated Palladium Snare Lugs
  • Batter Head: Remo Coated Ambassador
  • Resonate Head: Remo Hazy Snare
  • Snare Strainer: BDC Smooth Action Strainer
  • Features: Nyloc Lug Insert and Finish Matching Reinforcement Rings
  • Finish: Windermere Pearl
  • Size: 14 x 6.5

Manufacturer's Description

All our Lounge Series drums are fitted with our elegant “Palladium” hardware. When designing our lugs and claw we took inspiration from the architectural and automotive designs of the Art Deco period which resulted in an instant classic look we’re extremely proud of. The lug range comprises of a small single lug (for Legend toms), a large single lug (for Legend bass drums), a short double lug (for snares and Lounge toms), and a long double lug (for deep Lounge toms and Lounge bass drums). Made from the same cast alloy, the claws echo the lug styling and are completed with Shore 60 hardness moulded rubber gaskets to protect our wooden hoops. The same Art Deco theme continues into our Palladium tom brackets which uniquely attach to our shells with vertically aligned fixings that don’t stiffen up the shell like other mounts, allowing our shells to resonate a full 360 degrees without dead spots. Our tom brackets have internal chevron features designed to clamp 10.5mm and 12.5mm diameter L-arms and floor tom legs securely while totally eliminating rotation.  Self-aligning and visually integrated memory locks finish the clean look and ensure repeatable positioning.