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Bare Knuckle Warpig 6-String Guitar Pickup Set, 53mm, Black Covers w/ Black Bolts


Manufacturer's Description

Brutality with clarity: The Warpig is an extremely high output humbucker with a raw, guttural tone and smooth high-end available in two formats to fine-tune the response.

The Warpig humbucker was originally conceived as an all-out extreme metal humbucker capable of seriously dark and saturated tones. However it soon found uses as diverse as jazz and fusion establishing itself as a major player in the Bare Knuckle range.

The twin screw coil design produces an even and controlled treble response, working well with intense levels of gain. Bass and mid-range response is monstrous and the different magnet options allow for the tone to be further refined to taste.

The default Alnico V magnet creates the smoothest high-end with a totally organic mid range grind and deep bottom-end. For players looking for even more output, the ceramic magnet option delivers faster bass reaction, smoother mids and a sharper cut in the highs.


  • 6-String Set
  • Black Covers w/ Black Bolts
  • 4-Conductor Wiring
  • Long Leg Length
  • Ceramic Bridge Magnet
  • 53mm (Wide) Spacing
  • Bridge DC Resistance: 21.5 kΩ
  • Neck DC Resistance: 17.4 kΩ