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Avid Pro Tools Annual Upgrade and Support Plan (Boxed Avtivation Card and Code)


Manufacturer's Description

Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio. And now with Pro Tools 12, which sets the stage for Avid Cloud Collaboration and the upcoming Avid Marketplace, you can access the industry standard in more affordable ways than ever. Create with a low-cost subscription or own the software or a complete system outright (perpetual license).

Qualifying upgrades

To upgrade or crossgrade to Pro Tools 12 or Pro Tools | HD 12, you must own one of the following Pro Tools licenses, which will need to be surrendered upon activation: 

Pro Tools upgrades*
  • Pro Tools 9, 10, or 11 (or 12 if you purchased a new Pro Tools system)
  • Pro Tools Express bundled with Pro Tools | Mbox, Fast Track Solo, or Fast Track Duo interfaces only (InMusic versions of Pro Tools Express are not eligible)
  • Pro Tools M-Powered 6–8 or MP 9

Pro Tools | HD upgrades*

  • Pro Tools | HD 9, 10, or 11 (or 12 if you purchased a new Pro Tools | HD system)
  • Pro Tools 9 or 10 with the Complete Production Toolkit

All Pro Tools upgrades and crossgrades include an annual Avid upgrade plan, renewable annually, which provides all future Pro Tools software upgrades for one full year—including the upcoming cloud collaboration and Avid Marketplace features—plus, access to world-class professional support around the clock. After one year, simply renew your plan annually to stay current.

Got a new Pro Tools system?

All Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD upgrades are now only available through an annual upgrade plan. Because Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD systems do not currently come with an annual plan, you can purchase a Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD 12 upgrade above—even if your system came with version 12—to get on a plan, which provides one year of future upgrades, renewable annually.

See all Pro Tools licensing options

Why upgrade to the latest Pro Tools?

Depending on which version of Pro Tools you’re upgrading from, the following may be new to you:
  • Unleash your creativity with multiple times more processing power
  • Add epic numbers of virtual instruments and effects to create richer sounding mixes
  • Get unrivaled sound quality and powerful 64-bit performance to handle bigger mixes
  • Speed up mix delivery with faster-than-real-time offline bounce
  • Monitor record inputs on native systems with ultra-low latency
  • Edit (Pro Tools | HD only) and play HD video right in the Pro Tools timeline—without transcoding
  • Polish mixes with over 60 64-bit AAX virtual instrument and effects plug-ins
  • Enjoy the benefits of being on the Avid MediaCentral Platform
  • Mix with confidence using extended metering, including gain reduction (Pro Tools | HD only)
  • Control multiple Pro Tools | HD systems with Satellite Link, now included (Pro Tools | HD only)
  • Connect and collaborate with other Pro Tools users around the world through the cloud (coming soon)
  • Store and archive your sessions locally or in the cloud (coming soon)
  • Sell your music and other sound assets in the Avid Marketplace (coming soon)
  • Document, manage, and track your assets with a universal metadata schema (coming soon)
  • Enjoy track freeze and many more exciting new features coming throughout 2015

For complete details, visit the Pro Tools product page.

Upgrades included

  • Stay up to date as all future Pro Tools upgrades are included with your 1-year plan and accessible from the cloud as soon as they’re available; simply renew your plan annually ($199/year for Pro Tools, $599/year for Pro Tools | HD) to stay current
  • Get help whenever, wherever, and however you need it, with world-class experts available worldwide to answer questions and resolve issues

For details about what these plans include, visit the Pro Tools Licensing page.

* Please note that Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools | HD 12 require an iLok USB Smart Key (aka, iLok 2), available for purchase here. While both versions of software can be used standalone, they do not work with Mbox (first generation), Digi 001, legacy Pro Tools | HD “TDM” systems, or legacy Pro Tools | HD “blue” interfaces (trade in your old HD TDM rig and save up to 40%).


Ensuring Your Success!

As your trusted partner, our Customer Care team is committed to helping you work through whatever comes your way, from reducing downtime and speeding recovery, to making the most of your Avid investment.

Our Standard, ExpertPlus, and Elite support plans enable you to protect your revenue, reputation, and productivity, no matter the circumstances, so you can:

  • Implement new features and functionality at a predictable expense

  • Improve your efficiency so you can complete critical projects on time

  • Keep your systems running smoothly through software updates and fast issue resolution

  • Avoid downtime and prevent risk with industry best practices and proven solutions

Contact your Avid sales professional or reseller to learn more.


  • Availability: 24/7

  • Supported Channels: Unlimited web suppor (24 hour response), one standard phone support incident per month, forums.

  • Software Upgrades: Included

  • Escalation: Available

  • For-fee Options: Advance Exchange Hardware Coverage (2-business day ship)